The members of the Banchieri Singers were all pupils of the Zoltán Kodály School in Nyíregyháza. After completing their studies at the school they formed their own group. At the beginning Dénes Szabó, who was their former and music tutor helped them in their musical advancement guiding their work with good advice and suggestions. After many success in local concerts, they performed extensively all over the country.

In their concerts, they often select repertoire which is sacred and profane, music from the renaissance era, combined with contemporary Hungarian music and arrangements of popular music.

In a youth programme for the Hungarian Television ("Ace") the ensemble won first prize. After this success, they were invited by the Hungarian Television and Radio to perform in various towns throughout Hungary.

In 1988: Youth programme of the Television.
In 1990: Concerts in Germany and Netherland.

In 1991: International mastercourse with Jeremy Jackman (old member of The King's Singers) in Vienna and Budapest.
First prize in Coccaglio (Italy) at the Luca Marenzio Competition.
In 1994: First prize in Arezzo (Italy) at the International Choir Competition.

In 1995: Concert tour in Finland and Estonia, organized by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture.
First prize in the profane music and second prize in the sacred music category in Tolosa (Spain) at the International Choir Competition.
In 1996: First prize and Grand Prix in Debrecen (Hungary) at the Béla Bartók XVII. International Choir Competition.
In 1997: International mastercourse with Alastair Thompson (founder of The King's Singers) in Hungary.

In 1998: International mastercourse with Grayston "Bill" Ives (old member of The King's Singers) in Hungary and with Rebecca Stewart
(artistic leader of the Cappella Pratensis).
In 2000: Concert tour in Germany, Austria and Slovakia.
In 2001: Concert tour in Germany, Austria, England, Japan. Third prize in Maasmechelen (Belgium). First prize in Tolosa (Spain), International mastercourse with Sally Dunkley and Francis Steele (members of The Tallis Scholars) in Hungary. In 2002: Concert tour in France, Switzerland, Germany. In 2003: Concert tour in England, Schottland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Japan In 2004: Councert tour in the USA, Lebanon, Japan, England, France

The Banchieri Singers started the professional career after the success at Tolosa, Spain. Beside their performances in several different European countries, they had tours in Japan, and in the USA as well.

The Banchieri Singers have recorded 7 different CDs. "Banchieri Singers" "Musica" "Lily song" "Illés szekerén" "East and West" "L'anima spiro" "Masterpiece".

The ensemble respects and honours Zoltán Kodály's intellectual heritage and they have been undertaking the task of popularising his music pedagogy since the beginning of their establishment. Part of their ambition is to popularise the music system of Zoltán Kodály, and make it approachable and enjoyable for everyone. This is why they choose their denominator, Adriano Banchieri and his thoughts for their slogan:

„As well as serious dramatic works people need joy, pieces providing light entertainment.Do one of them well and enjoy the other."


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